Board of Directors
Sunil Kumar A.M
Mr.Sudheerkumar A.M
Goodwin group is an ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified Private Ltd company performing in Jewellery, Construction, security devices and Import and Export platform in Mumbai and Kerala, since last twenty years and captured Tremendous market support in these fields.
Goodwin Jewellers is well established and recognized business group Maharashtra, Kerala and kuwait. The organization need to say glorious history of 20 years. The company is founded by Mr.A.G.Mohanan and latter on joined by his two sons Mr.Sunilkumar A.M, Mr.Sudheerkumar A.M respectively joined as directors. The team of managing directors are qualified and experienced in the jewellery business. The First foot step jewellery shop which was started in Mumbai now the journey continuous and spread all over India. Now Goodwin jewellers have 6 branches and more than 25 customercare center. This is not just the history of Goodwin this is the history of gold business in Mumbai.