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Cultural Programs mainly supported by Serial Cine Stars

All the above programs were followed by Cultural Programs mainly supported by Serial Cine Stars together with other socio-cultural organizations in and around the branch location.
GCT has also conducted several programs for the benefit of local residents to make them aware about the Organ/Tissue Donation Awareness / Breast Cancer Awareness Programs/Tests – Mammogram and Eye Testing, free of cost. GCT could gather a considerable crowd for the above events merely because of its commitments towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CST) of Goodwin.
Through these awareness campaigns, GCT have successfully conveyed the message for organ donation for the needy people. We would like to develop this service for all throughout the country irrespective of the caste, color, creed, politics and province.
GCT’s Trustees time and again reiterated their plans to arrange / conduct its Organ Donation Awareness Campaign at various places in the country at regular intervals.

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